Areas of activity

We advise individuals and companies of all sizes in most areas of private law and public law. The partners and employees Reymond & Associates have developed special expertise in the following areas of law:

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Civil litigation and arbitration

Our expertise in civil litigation and arbitration is broad and recognized. It is confirmed by a long practice, numerous publications and regular teachings in these matters. We litigate before all civil and arbitral jurisdictions, as well as before the Swiss Federal Tribunal.
We have advised numerous clients, whether sports federations, sports executives or athletes, in arbitral proceedings before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).
Our partners frequently act as arbitrators.
Our practice includes receivers and emergency procedures, enforcement of foreign judgments, international legal assistance or the right of the Debt Collection and Bankruptcy (including establishment of judicial concordats in the context of restructurings companies).
Jean-Marc Reymond , Rolf Ditesheim , Denis Cherpillod

Sports and sports federations law

We advise international sports federations, their leaders and athletes in all subjects related to sports law, including installation and structuring federations, disciplinary procedures, doping, etc.

We regularly assist clients before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

Jean-Marc Reymond , Delphine Deschenaux-Rochat

Business transactions, corporate law

We advise national and international companies as well as entrepreneurs in relation with any kind of transactions (acquisitions, spin-off, mergers and restructurations, private equity and venture capital). In this framework, we support our clients in choosing the transaction’s structure, performing the legal due diligence and negotiating and drafting agreements and other legal documents.

We advise start-ups and investors in relation with financing rounds, incentive plans and exit transactions.

In corporate law matters, we advise our clients on establishing companies, drafting shareholders’ agreements, governance matters, and drafting employment agreements for executives.

Denis Cherpillod, Rolf Ditesheim , Jean-Marc Reymond, Hélène Weidmann

Antitrust and competition law

Reymond & Associés has a broad expertise in antitrust and competition law, confirmed by numerous publications in this field. We advise our clients in relation with horizontal or vertical agreements between undertakings, abuse of dominant position or establishment of compliance programs. We also assist our clients before the competition authorities (Comco and Federal Administrative Tribunal) as well as before civil courts in competition law related matters.

Denis Cherpillod , Jean-Marc Reymond

Contract law

We assist our clients in the drafting of all types of contracts as well as in any disputes in contractual matters. Our expertise extends in particular to sales, manufacturing and work agreements, mandate, lease contracts and banking agreements.

Jean-Marc Reymond, Rolf Ditesheim, Denis Cherpillod, Hélène Weidmann

Real estate and construction law

We advise constructors, land use planners and public authorities in matters of public and private construction and real estate law.

Rolf Ditesheim, Jean-Marc Reymond, Yasmine Sözerman

Energy law

Our law firm actively advises state entities as well as investors and future managers in all subjects related to the installation of plants producing electricity from renewable energy sources (wind farms, solar power plants and hydropower plants, etc.).

Jean-Marc Reymond, Yasmine Sözerman

Employment law

We advise companies and employees in all types of employment-related disputes, as well as in the drafting of employment agreements, internal regulations and employee incentive plans.

Gabrielle Weissbrodt, Rolf Ditesheim, Jean-Marc Reymond, Denis Cherpillod, Hélène Weidmann

Criminal law and white-collar crime

We assist our clients before all criminal authorities, in particular in the fields of white-collar criminality and international mutual legal assistance.

Rolf Ditesheim, Jean-Marc Reymond, Hélène Weidmann

Family law

We have a broad expertise in family law matters. Our associate Gabrielle Weissbrodt has acquired the diploma of specialist in family law delivered by the Swiss Bar Association.

Gabrielle Weissbrodt , Jean-Marc Reymond, Rolf Ditesheim

Stock exchange regulation

We advise companies whose securities are traded on a Swiss stock exchange and their investors.

In this framework, we support our clients with the listing process of their securities on the SIX Swiss Exchange or the BX Berne eXchange. We further assist them with respect to the numerous ongoing listing obligations (ad hoc publicity, corporate governance, financial reporting, management transactions and regular reporting obligations).

We also advise the investors of listed companies in particular with respect to the disclosures of significant shareholdings.

Hélène Weidmann
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